If 2020 was a KXCR race course, it would have to be Clay City in the snow. Filled with bottlenecks, 90% off-camber, doused with gnarly descents, long uphills, and twisty, windy, slick rock creeks. When we decided in December 2019 to take on the adventure of bringing racing back to Kentucky, I never would have imagined the adversity we would encounter – What a wild ride it has been!

Our first year came with many hurdles and opportunities for growth. We have tackled each challenge with stride, overcoming the obstacles thrown our way. 2020 pushed and prepared us for an even better 2021 race season. If someone asked me in April if we would be having a 2020 championship banquet, I may have laughed. I wondered if we would be a one- and- done series due to the pandemic our nation faced. Thankfully, we were able to get back racing in late June and we finished off the year with 9 races in just 5 months and 8 days, a race every 17.88 days. Our trail crew, a team of two guys, worked tirelessly to setup and tear down every race with little rest in between, always striving for the best track possible. The entire weekend crew really grew as the year progressed and scoring/registration from Rd 1 to Rd 10 was a vast improvement. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing KXCR Staff who have learned and grown throughout the last year. When in attendance at our events a quick “Thank you!” To KXCR staff always goes a long way. We are thrilled to accept feedback and implement what we’ve learned.

2020 Banquet Information

We would like to congratulate all the Overall and Class Champions. We will be hosting a banquet in a different format than usual this year due to the unfortunate state of the pandemic. The “banquet” will be held as a FREE trail ride at Russell Creek Off-Road Compound on January 31st and anyone is welcome to attend.

We will have awards for the champions for pickup anytime between 10am and 2pm on January 31st. If you are unable to attend, awards can be picked up at future KXCR events or mailed directly to you. Please contact us directly with any questions.

We will have a KXCR banner backdrop set up and our photographer will be on site to get your picture with your bike and award(s).

Remaining 2020 event shirts and stickers will be on sale for half price – limited availability. We will have multiple giveaways for the champions. J&M Concessions will be onsite with food and refreshments! We are excited to announce they will be joining us for all 2021 events as well! Be on the lookout for event specials!

2021 – Changes

ATV Racing will be discontinued in 2021. Though we are saddened by this decision, we felt it necessary in order for us to continue bringing the best possible racing we can to Kentucky. In the future, we may have the opportunity to race quads again and any changes will be communicated via social media, updates to our website and email (subscribe on our website!)

We encourage all quad racers to consider moving to a dirt bike to experience KXCR single track. We are so very thankful for every ATV racer that voiced their opinion and who showed up to race in 2020.

We met some really great people and we hope to see them join us on two wheels next year.
We appreciate you.

With the above change we have been given the ability to switch up race classes and times to give a safer, more enjoyable event for all racers. There will be some slight changes to the youth classes. The main change will be in the division of the adult bike classes in to an AM and PM class. The new class list will be updated on the website and will be outlined below.

Our website address will be changing from www.k-xcr.com to www.kxcracing.com . We also have changed our Instagram from @kyoffroad to @kxcracing which matches our FaceBook username. Be sure to always tag us in your pictures and video when posting on social media

We have decided to reduce the gate fee to $15/person 6 and over with ages 5 and under free.

The race fees will be $25 Micro, $30 Youth, $40 Adult, $75 Pro

We made two slight adjustments to the schedule to avoid TKO and another race series event.
The finalized event schedule is below.

We are super excited to share more with you about Rd 11, The Holler 100. Stay tuned in to our Social Media to see every announcement. You will not want to miss this race weekend – expect national level race teams in attendance.

Jan 31                 KXCR 2020 Banquet @ Russell Creek Off-Road Compound
Mar 14                KXCR MEMBER TRAIL RIDE @ KXCR Training Facility
MAR 27-28        KXCR1 – Clay City, KY @ The Holler
APR 17-18          KXCR2 – Stanford, KY @ 3 Cat Mountain
MAY 22-23         KXCR3 – Greenup, KY @ Soggy Bottom MX (MX Races)
JUN 5-6              KXCR4 – Greensburg, KY @ Russell Creek Off-Road Compound
JUN 19-20          KXCR5 – KXCR Training Facility – FATHERS DAY – BUDDY RACE
JUL 10-11           KXCR6 – New Location – TBA
AUG 7-8             KXCR7 – New Location – TBA
SEP 11-12           KXCR8 – Greensburg, KY @ Russell Creek Off-Road Compound
SEP 25-26          KXCR9 – Stanford, KY @ 3 Cat Mountain
OCT 23-24         KXCR10 – KXCR Training Facility – RED CLAY RALLY
NOV 20-21         KXCR 11 – Clay City, KY @ “The Holler 100” SERIES FINALE (NIGHT RACE)
Dec 5                  KXCR Member Trail Ride @ KXCR Training Facility (Make-Up Race Date)
TBD                    KXCR 2021 Championship Banquet

We have some big changes coming for the 2021 KXCR Members that includes a private training facility. We will release more details this Friday and Membership signups will open. Be sure to check back often for updates and be ready to lock in your membership to secure your racing number and start training!

We are looking forward to an exciting new year ahead in 2021. Have feedback you’d like to share about how we can further improve this season?
Send us an email at info@kxcracing.com

Thank you for your continued support!