Kentucky OffRoad Racing

You’re invited to join us at KXCR, where you’ll find the best riding experience possible. We have over 30 miles of trails for all skill levels and plenty of majestic scenery to explore. In addition to our day passes available onsite or through your membership plan with full access memberships, we offer monthly race series events that showcase some serious competition! You won’t want to miss it – so come out today and see why KXCR has become Kentucky’s Premier Off-Road Racing series!

Are you Ready? Let's GET Racing!

For those of you who LOVE to get dirty, there’s no need for a prelude. Get your engines revving and gear up- KXCR is back! In 2020 we saw some fierce competition with new racers coming out every day in an effort to earn the title of Kentucky’s best off-road racer. With 12 different tracks set across our beautiful state, it was quite the adventure racing through mud pits and over boulders while still battling other drivers on track during this thrilling season that had us all hooked from week one; but don’t worry if you missed something because now YOU have another chance at glory as 2021 has finally arrived – are ya ready?

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The 2022 season is here and it’s time to get amped for some off-road racing fun. KXCR has everything you need, from race series memberships to merch at discounted prices. Get your membership today so that when the next event comes around, you’ll be ready!

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Why Choose Kentucky XC Racing?

With the growing number of people who are looking for a release from their day to day lives, dirt bike riding has become an increasingly popular activity. Kentucky XC Racing is here with you every step of the way as your local destination for all things offroad! With our wide range of trails & tracks there’s something out there that everyone will enjoy – whether they’re just starting out or are an Off-Road Racing Veteran! There is not any other racing series in Kentucky where you can enjoy this much fun, and catch this epic of an adrenaline rush! Become a KXCR member today!

We use a state-of-the-art RFID Transponder scoring system. You are able to see your time, overall position, class position, and the time between the next racer in your class through live scoring.

We mark the course in a multitude of ways to include colored arrows, marking plastic tape, paint, banners, cones, barricades (both wood and metal), and natural objects to keep you on course and headed for the podium.  Nobody deserves to get lost on race day!

Each KXCR event will be at various locations throughout Kentucky with newly setup race courses for each event.  You can expect the following: 

      •  Micro bike course will be 1-2+ miles
      • Youth bike course will be 2-5+ miles
      • Adult AM bike course will be 5-10+ miles
      • Adult PM bike course will be 7-15+ miles

The course will be a mix of wooded terrain, open fields, fire roads, logging roads, and any trail that is traversable by bike.  All riders, from novice to professional, will be able to navigate the course. There will be KXCR trail sweepers on the track during all racing should you need any assistance just wave them down. 

Becoming a KXCR Member is easy and we have an option to suit everyone. Whether your just looking to ride on the weekends at our 1,700 training facility or looking compete with others from your area in a series for cash prizes & trophies, we have a membership package for you & your family! Sign up today, and lock in your series race number for the season! By becoming a series member, you will not only support KXCR in bringing you premier off-road racing, you will also receive some great swag, and race day essentials!

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Kentucky Cross Country Racing
1570 Little Hardwicks Creek Rd Clay City, KY
Phone: 606-230-3926
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